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  • Philly and New York Trip Recap

    I had a wonderful trip to Philly and New York.  It started out a little rough as I missed my flight out of SF at 8:30am – there was a lot more traffic than I expected.  However, I did safely make it to Philadelphia around 11:30pm.  I took my first Lyft ride with a nice …

  • Visiting friends in New York and Philadelphia

    Later this week I’m flying to Philadelphia to visit friends that just moved there from Brittany, in France.  Then I’ll be driving up to New York with another friend from Philly to spend the weekend with a bunch of gals I went to Fordham with.  We all turn(ed) 50 this year and we’re gathering to …

  • Boonville Waste Water System Update

    Last Thursday evening I attended the Boonville Community Services District meeting regarding the potential waste water collection/treatment/disposal system that has been in the works for the past two years. The meeting was sparsely attended despite notices going out to all property owners potentially affected by the system.  Val Hanelt opened the meeting with a brief …

  • Fall has arrived and I love it

    Fall is my favorite time of year and fall has arrived!  I read recently here that locally we feel like fall arrives just after the County Fair concludes.  I agree, but that also tends to coincide with the weather changing a bit; we might still get some hot days, but the evenings and the mornings …

  • Growing up in a great neighborhood

    I grew up in a great neighborhood, in the middle of Greenwood Ridge, more or less.  I was reminded of this over this past weekend at a party for a friend’s baby.  The properties around my parents’ were various sizes, from 12 to 30 acre parcels, surrounded by large swaths of timberland.  There were nine …

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